Distance students are able to postpone their exams via the student portal:

1. If it is before the exam and postponement date (see timetable)

2. If it is a paid postponement

3. If the venue and exam date is available

Because of venue issues due to COVID restrictions, some venues are unavailable for specific exam sittings. In other cases, specific subjects are only available at certain venues and not at others.


A new pop-up has been added to the student portal to manage these issues:

1. If the ICB exam venue is closed for the next available exam sitting the following pop-up will appear:

 “Please note that the exam venue you are trying to postpone to is currently closed. Please contact ICB Support to assist you with another venue.”

2. If the next exam date for that subject is not available at all or at that specific ICB exam venue, the following pop-up will appear:

“Please note that there is no exam date available for the next exam sitting for this subject at your exam venue. Please contact ICB Support for assistance.”

When the student is effected by one of the above scenarios, they will require assistance in postponing their current exam and booking the new exam. This will require manual assistance from the ICB.


It is important for agents to be kept informed of the changes made to venues for any reason. 

If the venue or the exam date is not available - it will generally be because of a specific reason either related to the specific venue or restrictions around release of exams.

When assisting students who have received one of the pop-ups, make sure that you have checked all available information regarding the venue or exams mapped to the venue with your line manager. 

DO NOT log as a technical issue before the above has been checked. Line managers will escalate if required.

If an "error" message appears and not a "pop-up", a screen shot of any error message should be escalated to line managers to investigate and log with tech support if required.


1. Venue Capacity

We are currently working on adding venue capacity limits to ICB exam venues. Once these are in place, a 3rd pop up will appear for students once a venue has reached capacity. 

They will not be able to book a postponement to this venue and will require assistance postponing to a venue that has available capacity.

2. Postponing to exam type

As from April 2021, students will be booking for either Online exams (O) or Paper exams (P). All student portals postponements will automatically look for the next available "exam type" when the student tries to postpone.

E.g. If the student is booked for an Online exam in April, the system will postpone them to the next available Online exam. Same rule applies for Paper exams.