Since we have been working remotely for some time now it has become very important to ensure we do not put ourselves at risk of data loss. This article is to guide you through the simple process of doing your own backup.

As mentioned, this is a very simple process that the steps below assists you through from start to finish.

If you get stuck along the way please contact Tech Support and Wally will assist you through the first time.


Steps to backup your emails:

1. Firstly open MS Outlook, it might be Outlook 2013 or older.


2. Once open click on file in the top left hand corner


3. Next click on Account Settings



4.Once in the account settings window, go to the Data file tab, click on “Open File Location….”


5. This will open up the following Windows File Explorer window (Keep it open)

6. You might see multiple files in this window dependent on how many mailboxes you have attached to the system.


7. VERY IMPORTANT: At this stage, you need to keep the file explorer window open, but close MS Outlook.


8. If you fail to do step follow the instructions in step 7, you are going to get the following error in step 9. If you have failed to close MS Outlook, do so before continuing, once closed click try again.


9. Select all files in the Outlook Files Folder, right click with all files still selected and click copy. Move (paste) the files to another safe location. Some suggestions include:


a. External HDD if available (Recommended)

b. Flash Drive if Available (Recommended)

c. D: Drive if available (Not Recommended)


Important notes:

  • If you are to move or change systems, please have removable media handy for tech support to setup your new email client. Failure to do so will result in a loss of older emails.
  • This process should be done once a week to prevent loss of data.
  • If you are using and external HDD or flash drive to copy the email file to, please make sure that you keep the storage device safe. Be mindful that it contains all your emails and company data, don’t leave it lying around, be vigilant not to lose it, be conscious not to borrow the flash drive so someone else