On Tuesday 13 October, Belinda Carlsson shared her knowledge with us on how to start a bookkeeping business on ICB Chatz. The replay was available until Friday the 16th. If you missed it, don't despair as we will be hosting it again in 2021. Just make sure to subscribe to our youtube page to ensure you are notified of any new events. 

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Our next ICB Chatz (live stream on youtube) was on Thursday, 5 November 2020 at 19:00 where Barbara Cawcutt took us through the ins and outs of how to launch yourself after your studies and to land that first interview. Just follow this link to watch the replay.

Our third ICB Chatz will be on 1 December 2020 where we will be touching on Marketing 101, with a specific focus on what you must do to get your business name out there. Register here to get more info and receive the reminder

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