We do appreciate that some students might not want to write at the exam venue that has been made available or on the allocated date. I huge amount of work has been put in to secure these venues and re-book all the students.  We unfortunately need to restrict changes, to prevent an administrative overload, that we would not be able to cope with at this stage. 

The exam venues that have been secured are the only venues that could be found and are suitable.

These venues will adhere to all COVID-19 regulations and students will not be able to enter a venue without following the set protocols, e.g. disinfecting hands, wearing a face mask and adhering to physical distancing. 

Should you still feel that you do not want to write at the venue, you will forfeit your exam and will have to a postponement. As you have been given the opportunity, above that of another student, you will be required to pay for the postponement unless it falls within the parameters set for a free postponement. 

Here is a link to the ICB's Policy regarding COVID-19 and the exams:  Exam Policy for COVID

Here is al ink to how to postpone on the portal: How to Postpone