If the College is no longer trading, the ICB Compliance team will need first to confirm closure with the College. Once confirmed, ICB Compliance will authorise for the transfer of learners without transfer letters from the closed-down College. 

Only learners who have written to ICB and requested a transfer will be transferred provided that the above criteria have been met.


If the College is not responding to learners via their official communication channels, ICB will also try to get a hold of all known contacts. Should we not get a hold of the College after ten days of tracing, learners from that College will be transferred to other colleges without transfer letters upon authorisation by the ICB Compliance team


In both these circumstances, ICB will NOT intervene in matters regarding refunds and unpaid fees between the training provider and the learner. These are private agreements between the two parties, and the law allows for either party to institute the relevant legal actions by the aggrieved party.