The following terms and conditions apply to the July and August 2020 exams;

  1. The exams are ONLY available for face-to-face students registered through a College
  2. A free postponement per subject is ONLY available for those students who were registered for April/May/June 2020 exams
  3. The free postponement will be made available in the form of an automated voucher which will be available on the Provider Portal. Your College will have to book on your behalf to activate the voucher.
  4. Exam bookings need to be done BEFORE 31 July 2020 as the voucher expires 31 July 2020
  5. The voucher may ONLY be used on the Provider Portal for the SPECIFIC subject that was booked for April/May/June 2020 exams.
  6. The voucher will EXPIRE 31 July 2020
  7. The voucher is NOT transferrable to another student 
  8. The voucher can NOT be transferred to another subject
  9. The voucher can NOT be redeemed for money or monies owed by student/provider
  10. The voucher can be used for scheduled exams up to end December 2020 as per the original timetable
  11. Historic test results can only be carried over for tests completed on April/May/June 2020 portfolios prior to 15 June 2020
    Test results can only be carried over for both tests and not only for 1 test in a subject. If you have completed Test 1 and Test 2, you cannot choose which test you want to keep a result for. Both results will be added as is. 

    If you have only completed Test 1, that result will be added and you will complete the rest of the portfolio, including Test 2.
  12. Should a student choose to start with the assignment and tests on the new portfolio without waiting for the test results to be carried across, the historical test results will be lost, and the tests will have to be redone
  13. Should a student start with a test on the "new" PoE, the current Test's results will be applied, and the historical test results will be lost.
  14. Should a student not indicate their preference on MACCI with regards to the carrying over of results, historical test results will NOT be carried across, and the student will be required to redo all tests.