You can keep your test results from the tests you write on the "old portfolio" for the July and August exams only. 

To ensure you keep your test results, please follow these steps carefully;

1. Log in to MACCI 

2. A new PoE will be issued as soon as your College has done the re-booking for your new exam date. However, the PoE will be almost the same as before:

  • In STEP A, you will need to re-do the declarations, but these are quick and easy, and a nice refresher!
  • In STEP B, the Assignment Books will be exactly the same (provided you did not postpone previously prior to March).  So no need to redo these.
  • In STEP C, there will be a new section where you will need to record your decision about your previous test results (if you have any).  
    • You will have the final decision, and will have to indicate your decision in the new PoE, before you start any new tests. 
    • Please follow the instructions carefully.  
    • If you choose to carry over your old results, this will take up to 3 working days for the ICB team to process.
    • You will not be able to continue with your PoE until your decision regarding your old test results has been recorded.

Please see below how it will look on MACCI;

Should you be scheduled for multiple subjects for July/August, you can decide whether you want to redo the tests for a specific subject, for more than one subject or all of them. You will be required to select your chosen option for each subject separately. 


If you have completed both Test 1 and Test 2, you will NOT be able to carry over only ONE test result for that subject. Should you choose to carry over results, the results will be carried over for both Tests (Test 1 and Test 2) which were completed for that subject. 

Should you choose to redo the tests for a subject, you will be required to redo both tests for that subject.


If you have only completed Test 1 of a subject and select it to be carried over, the result of Test 1 will be carried over and you can continue to complete Test 2 on the new Portfolio. 


The test results will ONLY be available for carrying over for the July and August 2020 exams. After that exam cycle, no test results can and will be carried over.


Should you not indicate your preference on the MACCI no test results will be carried over and you will be required to redo both Tests.  


It is STRONGLY suggested that you redo your tests as part of the new portfolio as this will prepare you for the upcoming exams.

Important to Note:

Distance Students who were manually moved by the ICB, have already had any available results applied to their portfolios. These students do not need to request their results unless there is a specific issue/query that needs to be investigated. If you look at Test 1 / Test 2 and these are not available to do, then a result has been manually added. 

Face-to-face students for the August exams, can keep their previous results for August. Grades will be applied for any MACCI requests that come through before the 9:00 am deadline on exam day. Any requests sent from Macci before 9:00 am for a specific exam day will be applied. Any email requests after the 9:00 deadline are not valid and results will not be applied.