An important change as of April 2022, is a POE Completion deadline which needs to be adhered to.For 2022, your PoE will need to be completed on MACCI by the PoE due date AND in full in order to qualify for exam access. This is applicable to both paper and online exams.

You will not be able to gain access to the examination system if your PoE has not been completed in full by the PoE due date. The entire PoE (including the ID verification, system checks, assignments, tests, admin sections) must be completed by the PoE due date that is published on the timetable. This will also give students ample time to ask the ICB Support team for assistance if required and to do a revision of their work in preparation for the exam.

Very important to note is that should you not have completed your PoE by the PoE due date, you will forfeit your exam booking. Please click here for the 2022/23 timetable and refer to the PoE Completion Dates.