Your responses to each examination question will be captured and stored on our eAssessment platform “MACCI” (Moodle). 


The actual marking will be two-fold; some questions will be marked online by the system and the Assessors will mark others. The marking will depend on how each question is set up.


For those questions requiring manual marking by Assessors - these will be accessed on MACCI and reviewed by the Assessor one by one or will be downloaded to mark offline, dependant on the type of question. The answers will be marked using either a marking guide or rubric. The Assessor will load the results for each question into the MACCI grade book.   


The entire portfolio, comprising of three assignments, two tests and the final examination will be assessed, and moderation will take place in line with the ICB examination policy before the final results are prepared and uploaded to the ICB database. 


Currently, your responses to online tests are stored on the online eAssessment platform and used by the moderators and assessors for final mark calculations. The same functionality will be extended to include the marking of the online exams.