Currently, on the digital portfolio, a practice test is provided to physically attempt all the different online question types that we use. This is to ensure that you understand how to answer questions and be shown various options that you may be asked to interact with during the test. This practice test can be attempted as many times as you require to become comfortable with the functionality.


Similarly, practice exam questions will be provided with all the possible questions types that you will be faced with in the online assessment. This can also be attempted multiple times to become comfortable with the functionality of each question type.


We have also developed exam resources to prepare yourselves for the exam.  This will include 

  • a resource document containing information about the online assessment, what you can expect, what specifications are required and how to be prepared for the online exam. 
  • Checklists and also a count-down of what you need to do leading up to the exams.
  • Instructions on what to do if a particular situation occurs during the exam.