**Latest Update**

Monday, 12 October 2020 9:00

We are excited to announce that after an in-depth review and consultation with the QCTO, we are able to offer online exams in 2021!

We are currently busy finalising the details and arrangements, which we will soon share with everyone. We can say though that we will be able to offer online exams every second month starting 
from April 2021, and will confirm the exact dates and subjects as soon as possible.

November Exam Update:

In the meantime, final arrangements for the November exams are well underway, and we have finally been able to confirm the venues to be used.

Unfortunately, not all venues used before lockdown are available, and even those that are open still have limited seating capacities.  But, we were able to secure a few new venues.

We will be doing the venue re-allocations during the week of the 12th of October. Please wait until we communicate and confirm the final changes. We will not be able to answer any individual requests until this process is complete.

Please remember that you can confirm the venue at which you are booked, as well as the date and subject on the student portal. If you are unsure as to how to check, please follow this link.


Wednesday, 26 August 2020 17:00

Please note that the original timetable for 2020, as published at the end of 2019 is in effect. This means that all exams have been unpaused and will continue subject to the prevailing lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 situation.

There is a risk that exam venues for distance learners may be closed at a moment's notice, but we will try our best to then accommodate students at alternative venues.

Face-to-face learners can continue as per instructions provided by their respective Colleges.


Thursday, 16 July 2020 17:00

After many many weeks of searching, we have been able to secure some alternative venues for our exams, and are pleased that we can now offer Paper Exams in August to at least 70% of our Distance Students. 

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many venues that we used previously are closed, and even ones that are able to accommodate us, now have reduced seating. 

We have set a new Distance Timetable for July and August, with additional dates to accommodate as many students as possible.  This means that many students will be writing at different venues and even on different dates.

We are also extremely grateful to the following Colleges who have stepped up and generously offered to allow our Distance Students to write at their venues.  THANK YOU to:

  • IBTC
  • College SA
  • MSC
  • Intellilogic
  • Qualitas Career Academy
  • Skills Academy
  • HC College

We are in the process of re-allocating students to available venues, and as soon as this is complete, we will email you with the details.  Please do not contact us before this process is complete.  We will not be able to assist you until all the re-allocations are done.

Unfortunately, even though we are going to be able to help many, there are those of you who are going to be disappointed. In some cases, there are simply no available venues in your area.  However, once we have completed the initial allocations, if there are still seats available at venues, these will be made available to those students who may wish to travel.  

Please also keep in mind the upcoming Business Literacy Exam that will be available as an online exam on the 28th July. Specific details will be sent via email, so please check your inbox.  We really encourage you to take this offer, as the first two pilots have been a huge success, and it does allow you to complete this subject.

Please see below the updated timetable.


Wednesday, 17 June 2020 16:00

We are excited to announce that we have received confirmation from the QCTO to proceed with a pilot project for online exams for 300 students.

Our fantastic online exam solution has been developed with both local and international partners.  This solution is simple to use, yet highly effective and incorporates a high level of advanced security to identify and prevent cheating and highlight and report irregularities.

We are in consultation with the QCTO to agree on the proposed roll-out of the pilot project and will inform you of the details once agreed.  Students will be invited to participate in the pilot.

We know that this does not yet address the needs of those of you who are still waiting patiently, but it is positive progress towards rolling out online exams to all our students.

We will use this as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future e-assessments which will allow great opportunities to all our students. 

Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates. 

Ps: This development does not change the arrangements for the paper-based Campus Exams for July and August. These will still proceed as planned.


Wednesday, 29 April 2020 10:00

We are pleased to announce that after extensive consultation with the QCTO, the QCTO has tentatively agreed that the ICB will be able to offer online exams.

However, in order for this process to be seamless, there are certain considerations which we still need to work through with the QCTO to ensure that the online exams are fair, valid and reliable. 

We have therefore decided to pause the running of the May exams until this process is finlaised. This in effect means no exams will take place until further notice. The process of completing a portfolio on MACCI will continue as per normal and will not require you to complete a new PoE. The only impact will be on the actual exam date which will be confirmed once we have issued a revised 2020 Timetable as soon as we are able.

Our Academic Team has developed an incredible Exam Solution, which has already been trialed with very positive results. We are very excited to share this with you, but we cannot divulge the format and details until it is 100% final.

There have been many questions raised by students and providers around possible challenges with online exams. These have been carefully documented and submitted to the Academic Team. The Team has taken all of these into careful consideration so that the final solution can accommodate these concerns where possible. Some of these include:

  • Credibility of the exam
  • Ensuring the authenticity of the student
  • Cheating and security
  • Limited access to PC’s/Laptops/Printers
  • Use of data
  • Lack of or poor Internet connectivity
  • Possible technical difficulties during the exam
  • Format of exam being a different experience to that of a paper exam
  • Potential need for extra time allocations
  • Uploading of written assignments
  • Challenges around the assessment of the practical elements

The online solution will not suit everybody, but we are doing everything that we can to make it accessible to as many students as possible. Furthermore, it seems unlikely for physical exams to be held for some time taking into consideration the recent announcements with regards to the risk adjusted strategy and consequent levels.

We understand that this this delay is incredibly frustrating, but we are committed to finding positive ways forward in this very difficult time. Please use this extra time for exam preparations. We are committed to releasing the new timetable as soon as we have enough information to finalise.

Please note that we will not be making any changes to existing dates on the portals, until such time as the new 2020 Timetable is issued. In the interim, exam bookings can continue as per normal on the old timetable. These will then be moved if necessary, onto the new Timetable.

The ICB would like to thank the management of the QCTO for their valuable input and guidance in this matter. Our providers and students have been very patient and understanding as we have been grappling with this move to a new environment, and the ICB would like to express its gratitude for this.

We believe it is critical for all our current and future providers and students that a viable and approved online assessment solution is available, in order to allow the continuity of academic progression during this difficult time.