We have received various questions with regards to the physical conduct of exams at exam venues. 

At this time, the ICB will not be able to facilitate physical exams due to the restrictions placed, as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The ICB has and will always act in the best interest of our students, colleges and staff and the decisions that will be made around exams, will be consistent with these values.

Unfortunately we do not know at this stage when we will be able to conduct physical exams again and we will only be able to revise and adjust when;

  1. the government restrictions allows this,
  2. when it is deemed safe to gather people in the same spaces,
  3. when it is deemed safe for our invigilators and assessors to physically handle PoE's and/or
  4. when Colleges have physically re-opened.

Postponement arrangements will be accommodated to allow students to make individual choices based on their own circumstances.

We know that many people are looking for specifics and re-assurances, but we are not in a position to give any further commitments at this time due to all the unknowns.  But, we are developing different scenario plans and contingencies, which will then roll out when and where we can.