**Latest Update**

Tuesday, 18 Aug 2021 13:00

RE: Update on Suspension of JULY ICB Exams (at physical venues) 

Arrangements are being made to allow July students to re-book their exams.  Certain options will be available including a special paper exam sitting for July students only at selected venues in the 3rd week of September.  Affected July students and Providers have been emailed.  Specific details to follow soon.

Monday, 28 June 2021 13:30

RE: Update on Suspension of JULY ICB Exams (at physical venues)

Inline with the President's recent announcement of Adjusted Lockdown Level 3 in South Africa, the ICB's Academic Board will be reviewing the suspension of the ICB exams that were scheduled from 3rd - 8th July 21.

The ICB Team is currently preparing for the August online exams for almost 3000 students, many of who opted in from July. This is our priority for the next two weeks, however during this time we will also be thoroughly investigating options for the resumption of physical exams. Once we have put together some viable options, we will share this with students and colleges.

As you can appreciate, this is not an easy task, as there are many considerations such as availability of exam venues, safety requirements, regulations, and we also need to give students enough notice to resume studies and prepare for the new exam dates. So with this in mind, it is unlikely to be before September.

We kindly ask that you do not contact us at this time with individual requests. Those students who have opted in for August online exams will continue with this arrangement.

As a Professional Education Institution, we carry a huge responsibility and have to make decisions which are always in the best interests of students, yet we also have operational and regulatory requirements that we need to consider.

We understand that this situation is very frustrating, but we are fully committed to safely accommodating as many students as soon as possible, and without compromising the integrity of our qualifications.

**Latest Update**

Monday, 28 June 2021 13:30

RE: Suspension of JULY ICB Exams (at physical venues)

In line with the President's recent announcement of Adjusted Lockdown Level 4 lockdown in South Africa, the ICB's Academic Board has decided to suspend all ICB exams that were scheduled from 3rd -8th July 2021 for the safety of students and facilitators.

This means that NO ICB exams will be facilitated at any physical venue until the currently COVID situation changes (including college venues).

The ICB Team is currently investigating options for online offerings and various other alternative plans.  Once we have put together some viable options, we will share these with students and colleges.

We understand that this situation is very disappointing, and it certainly puts a significant strain on us as an organisation and colleges and students.  But, we believe that this is the right path to take under the current circumstances. We are fully committed to accommodate as many students as possible without compromising the Academic Integrity of our Qualifications.


**Latest Update**

Sunday, 27 June 2021 21:00

New lockdown restrictions have just been announced, and this will affect the exams.  

Our team will be reviewing the latest restrictions and working out a comprehensive plan for a way forward.  There are a number of serious challenges which we are aware of, and we will be constructing plans to accommodate as many students as we can in various forms.  We currently have a few thousand students that we will need to accommodate so we need to ask for your patience.   

We will not unfortunately not be able to give any information until we have had time to formulate a cohesive plan.   We will send out updates soon.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.


**Latest Update**

Wednesday, 26 August 2020 17:00

Please note that the original timetable for 2020, as published at the end of 2019 is in effect. This means that all exams have been unpaused and will continue subject to the prevailing lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 situation.

There is a risk that exam venues for distance learners may be closed at a moment's notice, but we will try our best to then accommodate students at alternative venues.

Face-to-face learners can continue as per instructions provided by their respective Colleges.


Monday, 20 July 2020 14:00

Please see below for a full list of exam venues. 

In some areas, there absolutely no venues at all (Ie. Port Elizabeth, Durban, Nelspruit, etc).  If you are in one of these areas but are willing to travel, there may be some seats available at our other venues on certain days. Have a look at the revised venues attached below.  We will do our best to try and accommodate all students, but can not guarantee a place as this is dependant on other students cancelling.

Please note these new exam dates are subject to the prevailing lockdown restrictions and COVID-19 situation. There is a high risk that any of these exam venues may be closed at a moment's notice, so we, unfortunately, cannot guarantee that any of these exams will run 100% to plan.


Thursday, 16 July 2020 17:00

After many many weeks of searching, we have been able to secure some alternative venues for our exams, and are pleased that we can now offer Paper Exams in August to at least 70% of our Distance Students. 

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 restrictions, many venues that we used previously are closed, and even ones that are able to accommodate us, now have reduced seating. 

We have set a new Distance Timetable for July and August, with additional dates to accommodate as many students as possible.  This means that many students will be writing at different venues and even on different dates.

We are also extremely grateful to the following Colleges who have stepped up and generously offered to allow our Distance Students to write at their venues.  THANK YOU to:

  • IBTC
  • College SA
  • MSC
  • Intellilogic
  • Qualitas Career Academy
  • Skills Academy
  • HC College

We are in the process of re-allocating students to available venues, and as soon as this is complete, we will email you with the details.  Please do not contact us before this process is complete.  We will not be able to assist you until all the re-allocations are done.

Unfortunately, even though we are going to be able to help many, there are those of you who are going to be disappointed. In some cases, there are simply no available venues in your area.  However, once we have completed the initial allocations, if there are still seats available at venues, these will be made available to those students who may wish to travel.  

Please also keep in mind the upcoming Business Literacy Exam that will be available as an online exam on the 28th July. Specific details will be sent via email, so please check your inbox.  We really encourage you to take this offer, as the first two pilots have been a huge success, and it does allow you to complete this subject.

Please see below the updated timetable.


Wednesday, 17 June 2020 16:00

We are excited to announce that we have received confirmation from the QCTO to proceed with a pilot project for online exams for 300 students.

Our fantastic online exam solution has been developed with both local and international partners.  This solution is simple to use, yet highly effective and incorporates a high level of advanced security to identify and prevent cheating and highlight and report irregularities.

We are in consultation with the QCTO to agree on the proposed roll-out of the pilot project and will inform you of the details once agreed.  Students will be invited to participate in the pilot.

We know that this does not yet address the needs of those of you who are still waiting patiently, but it is positive progress towards rolling out online exams to all our students.

We will use this as an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future e-assessments which will allow great opportunities to all our students. 

Please keep an eye on your inbox for updates. 

Ps: This development does not change the arrangements for the paper-based Campus Exams for July and August. These will still proceed as planned.


Thursday,11 June 2020 17:00

We are pleased to announce that the ICB is able to proceed with the July and August exams for Campus Students, as per the original timetable.

ICB exams at Colleges will be able to continue if the College is ready and able to comply with the social distancing and COVID-19 protocols, as stipulated by DHET and the QCTO.  

All campus students that could not write the April to June sessions, will be granted a free postponement, to any date in July or August at the College's exam venue. This date will be chosen and booked by the College, dependent on their availability and size of facilities.  

Unfortunately distance students cannot yet be accommodated.  We are still not in a position to offer physical exam sessions for Distance Students due to the current lockdown levels and the restrictions on some exam centres.

However, we are still awaiting approval from QCTO for online exams, and are hopeful these will be approved soon.  We have already done most of the preparation, and are just waiting for that "green light".  As soon as we have authorisation, we will release the next set of exam dates. Online exams will be available to both Distance and Face to Face Students.

Specific details on how the re-bookings, tests, MACCI, etc. will work, will be shared as soon as these are available.  Please ensure that your contact details are current and updated on the portals to ensure you receive the various email updates. Please also add us to your contacts to ensure that these emails do not end up in your junk folder.


Thursday,4 June 2020 08:30

We know many of our students and colleges are anxiously awaiting news around the resumption of exams. An update we can share is that the ICB had a successful meeting with the QCTO yesterday and we are hoping to announce good news soon. This has been as frustrating to us as it has been to you and we want to thank you for your patience during this very difficult time.


Tuesday, 26 May 2020 8:00

We are pleased to confirm that the process with the QCTO to approve on-line examination is progressing. The Academic Team has made a further submission to the QCTO and is awaiting approval from the QCTO. 

Once approval has been received, we will be able to communicate details of how the on-line examination will take place.



Thursday, 30 April 2020 13:30

An update on postponements and PoE due dates.   Please visit this link for full details


Tuesday, 28 April 2020 12:00

An update on online exams.   Please visit this link for full details


Tuesday, 20 April 2020 12:00

An update on postponement options for our May Final Exams. 


Tuesday, 1 April 2020 16:30

We are pleased to announce that we have made arrangements to conduct our May Final Exams online! 


Friday, 27 March 2020 14:30

We as ICB took the decision during the previous week to close our offices and work remotely and will continue to do so until the measures to combat the spread of the virus has been successful. We are committed to the Government's regulations and will adhere to all interim measures put in place by government.

Currently, the May exams will continue. Should we see the need that this needs to be postponed, we will be in contact prior to the cut-off times

Please stay safe during this period and please subject yourself to the preventative measures put in place to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Tuesday, 17 March 2020 20:00

May Exams:

The May exams are currently unchanged.  We have no plans to cancel or postpone at this stage.  The teams are also working on various contingencies in the event that the situation might change.

Results Release: 

The February Exam results will be released as per normal on 27 March.  We have teams working remotely to facilitate this.

Exam Entries:

Students and Colleges may continue to enter for upcoming exams as per normal.  No change.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 13:30

In line with the Government measures put in place to manage the transmission of COVID-19, we have conducted a risk assessment and have initiated steps to ensure that we remain semi-operational, without compromising the health of our staff, students, customers, and suppliers. 


We have decided on the following actions:


Site Closure:

As a preventative action we will close all our physical sites as of Wednesday, 18 March until Friday, 17 April 2020. This in effect means that we will not allow any staff or visitors to enter any of our premises until further notice. 


Online Support:

Many of our staff will be working remotely, and will be available online.   Should you wish to contact us, please log a ticket via our Contact Us page on our website.  Our phone lines will be down for the duration of the closure. Please bear with us as our turn-around times may be a bit slower, but we will be making every effort to attend to all queries.


April Exams:

The April exams have been cancelled.  All entries for April will be automatically postponed to the next available sitting at no charge. 


Dispatch of certificates:

We will not be dispatching any parcels or certificates during this time. We will put in measures to address the backlog once operations return to normal.  


We would like to reassure all our students, providers and business partners that we are committed to providing you 

with support and assistance during this period and will put measures in place to catch-up on time lost.  


Monday, 16 March 2020 11:00

We acknowledge the immediate and potential impact of COVID-19 on our employees, students, providers and South Africa as a whole. 

We have established a working committee to initiate and action measures to minimise the impact it may have on our employees, students and providers. 

Please bear with us, while we determine the best course of action. Once this has been done, we will update this article with the relevant actions. 


Specific Corona Related Queries:

We encourage all students to make use of the Official Government COVID-19 Support Service: Whatsapp "hi" to +27600123456 which will provide you with a menu to choose from to get the correct answers.Alternatively you can access the official Government COVID-10 Resource Portal at this link.

You can also make use of the SA hotline - 08000 29999, should you present with symptoms of the Corona Virus.