Using the Lexmark printer for scanning:

The top tray can be used for copies and scans, please see below image:


  How to place pages in the top tray correctly:

  •  Place the pages that need to be scanned in the top tray of the printer.
  • The pages must be placed face up and head first into the top tray for the pages to scan correctly.
  • The printer will indicate that the pages are placed correctly when the light above the touch screen panel turns green.


 Using the touchscreen for scanning: 


  • Touch the Scan Center icon on the touch screen.

  • Scroll through the list of names that appear and click on your own name.

  • Once your name has been selected click the green Scan button at the top of the screen.


Where to find scans on your PC:

If scanned successfully, the scanned pages will appear in the scans folder on your personal Home vault: