1. Assignment and RTAP upload changes for FEB and MARCH 2020

The current upload functionality requires a student to send their upload for marking and then does not allow for any changes once saved.

Any incorrect uploads had to be logged with Tech Support to open the upload section so that the student could reupload the correct document.

The new upload functionality will ask the student to save their document once, but allow them to make any changes to this upload until the 09:00 am deadline on their submission date.

This means that no incorrect uploads need to be logged with Tech Support and the student will be able to make any changes they need to. They must remember to SAVE every time they make a change to this section.

This will also prevent students from “forgetting” to submit and send for marking. There will no longer be draft submissions once the student has saved a document and will automatically complete the upload section for marking purposes.

Step 1 – Upload PDF file

Step 2 – Tick declaration and save file

Step 3 – Changes can be made until 09:00 am of submission day

We have added the below clause for students as well.

If they go in to make a change but do not upload a new document, the previous document will remain in this section and be submitted for marking.


2. RTAP upload changes from April 2020

The PoE upload requirement for RTAP has been removed and ONLY the DISSERTATION must be uploaded.

There is only ONE upload section for the DISSERTATION. The PoE instruction booklet for download only contains instructions and no sections for students to complete.


3. Changes to RPL portfolio format

Currently and until end March 2020, the RPL students complete 1 x assessment portfolio that is uploaded to Macci.

From April 2020, the format of an RPL portfolio will change. All RPL students will need to complete:

  • Test 1
  • Test 2
  • Assessment portfolio containing Assignments 1, 2 and 3

They will complete the tests online in a 1hour time limit and need to scan and upload the completed assignment answer book to Macci.


4. Opening of 2020 exams from April 2020

On Monday 02 December, April 2020 – June 2020 exams will be available for booking except for BLAP.

From 15 December, July 2020 – December 2020 exams will be available for booking.

An update will follow on BLAP.


5. Students cannot change their provider on the student portal

Students have been blocked from changing their provider or study type on the student portal.

If they want to change providers, they will need to go through their provider and a transfer form needs to be completed releasing the student from their current provider.

If the student wants to become self-study, they need to have the transfer form completed by their current provider and complete a self-study indemnity form. 

These forms must be scanned to the students’ profile as proof.

Important to note: Please make sure you use the latest version of Chrome. Take note that the support for older versions of Internet Explorer has ended. This means that Microsoft no longer provides security updates or technical support for old versions of Internet Explorer (Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and older), which can directly impact the performance of your browsers. Regular security updates help protect devices so upgrading and staying current is important. Please follow this link for more information.