1. Reassessments

No reassessment bookings will be available from April 2020. This functionality will not be available to both staff, students or providers.

Option already removed for providers. Will be removed from the database for staff shortly.

2. Distance student new “View my exams” tab on the student portal

  • See all exams booked and paid for
    In this tab the student can see all the exams that they have booked and paid for

  • View and print exam confirmation
    Students can view and print all exam confirmations for any exams booked and paid for

  • Postponements
    Students will be able to postpone any exams visible in this tab that have been booked and paid for. The system will only show them the next available exam date to book by the relevant closing date.


This only counts for paid postponements before the postponement closing date applicable to that exam month.


All requests for medical and other postponements after the exam date will still need to be requested via call centre.

How does a student postpone on the portal?

Step 1: Sign into the ICB Learner Portal 


Sign into the Learner Portal using the following link: https://secureicb.co.za/learner/


Enter the Username and Password then click Log in



Step 2: Learner Portal Home page


Once successfully logged in, the following Home page will be displayed:


To find the postponement section click on the View my exams button in the navigation menu on the left.


 Step 3: My exams view


After clicking on the View my exams button the following screen will be displayed:


The “My exams” section displays all upcoming exams that have been booked and paid. This section allows for postponements and viewing of exam confirmation.

To postpone an exam, click on the Postpone button which is in line with the exam code that needs to be postponed.



Once the Postpone button has been clicked a notification will appear at the top of the page to say that the postponement item has been successfully added to the cart. 


Step 4. Checkout


Once the Postpone button has been clicked, the item will be added to the cart.

Click on the Checkout button at the top of the page to view items in the cart.


Work through the steps on the checkout page, these are the same steps as when registering for a full exam booking. Once paid the new exam booking will appear in the View my exams section where the exam confirmation can also be viewed.


What happens on Macci once the student postpones their digital portfolio?

The initial registration will remain on Macci until the postponement payment has been processed. Once the status of the postponement is "Not Yet Written" the previous registration will be removed and replaced with the new postponed exam date.