This is a record of any new / amended implementations for the digital portfolios:

1. Digital portfolios only from April 2020

Reminder that ALL portfolios (except Workplace) will be digital for ALL subjects including RTAP and RPL.

This counts for F2F and Correspondence.


2. No assignment upload for “normal” subjects from April 2020

All Assignment answer books for all subjects other than RTAP and RPL are to be printed from Macci, completed and handed in at the exam venue on exam day.

No uploads for normal assignments are required from APRIL 2020.


3. Database / student portal / provider portal live update link to Macci for student details

As of Monday, 29112019, the following student details will be updated live on Macci when changed on any of the above platforms:

  • Username
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Training provider

This will solve any issues where students have enrolled on Macci with one address but have changed their address on the database. All email addresses will now match across platforms and will enable students to reset the passwords more effectively.


4. Digital portfolios from April 2020 have a version number on Macci



5. Reset of Macci passwords via the database - Update 14/01/2020

Students should be resetting their own passwords via the Macci site:

There are issues when students are using different email addresses. They must ensure that they are using the email address that they have registered on Macci.

They must also ensure that they update their email address either on the student portal or with their provider so that they can receive any resets to the correct email address.

Resetting Macci passwords from the database (NEW FUNCTIONALITY):

If a student / provider says that the student cannot reset their password from Macci, first confirm that their email address is correct. You can check this on both the database and Macci as these should match. 

If these do not match or the email address is not correct, the email address needs to be changed on the student or provider portal. We can also amend internally on the database if needed. 

To reset the students Macci password via the database, follow these steps:

Click on the “Learners” button under the “General” tab on the ICB database and search for the student that needs a Macci password reset using the below fields. 


Right click on the student’s name in the bottom left box then mouse over “Reset Web Password” and click on the “Macci” option that appears.


 The student will receive the following email to the email address that is reflected on Macci:


Please note that the password reset link will only be available for 240 minutes (4hours).


 The student must click on the link provided and will be automatically logged onto the password reset screen on Macci: 


The Username will be displayed to the student on this screen as well if this has also been forgotten. The student must follow the password requirements on screen when entering the new password. 

When they click "save changes", the student will be taken directly to their Macci dashboard.


6. Exam code change from April 2020

From April 2020 exam codes will no longer have an (A) or (B) attached. The same exam code is going to be used for both F2F and Distance students.

Example: BKTB-20200215

These will be the same codes used for Macci portfolios.