Do you represent a company that is interested in offering tuition for ICB-registered qualifications?

Your learners don’t just want an education, they want to be in demand when they enter the job market. And they can be, with qualifications from the ICB. Whether they have just left school or are already working, they can study towards highly respected ICB qualifications and become a bookkeeper; financial accountant in the private or public sectors; an office manager; or learn how to manage the finances of a small business. Our qualifications are valued by employers, and our graduates are recognised locally and internationally by several professional bodies and qualified students may progress to further international, diploma or degree qualifications through our agreements with International bodies as well as registered tuition providers in South Africa.

Do you want to provide tuition or offer practical experience ?

You can apply to become a Theory Training Provider, who provides tuition towards the theory assessments, in accordance with the outcomes of each learning area of the qualifications. Or you can apply to become a Workplace Training Provider who provides practical experience in the workplace for learnerships.

Follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Application
  2. Pay the Application Fee
  3. Submit the completed application pack
  4. Host a site monitoring visit
  5. Become Accredited by the ICB