This is for Digital portfolios up to exams in March 2020 only.  

Thereafter, uploads are only required for RTAP and RPL.


These require the completed assignment answer book to be uploaded. These will be uploaded in "Upload of completed Assignments" section:

2. RTAP 

This requires the completed portfolio instruction book and dissertation to be uploaded.

There are TWO uploads required for RTAP. Please make sure that you upload the completed PoE under "Upload of completed portfolios" and your completed dissertation under "Upload of completed Dissertation".    

 As there was some confusion previously, the assessors will check both uploads for RTAP regardless of which section it was uploaded to.  It will still be sent for marking as long as you have uploaded both files.

3. RPL 

This requires the complete portfolio to be uploaded.    Upload your completed portfolio under "Upload of completed portfolio".  

NB: You must give yourself enough time to scan and prepare the documents as a PDF in order to upload these before your deadline. In each of the upload sections there is a set of instructions on how to upload, please follow these carefully.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the correct files have been uploaded and submitted as per the instructions.

Once a document has been “submitted for marking” it cannot be accessed again.