Once you’ve entered for an exam, you will be given a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) for that subject.

From April 2020, all PoE's will be digital only.

Digital PoE's, give immediate access to the ICB's Macci System. As soon as you are entered for an exam, you will be sent login details and you can start your online PoE.  Each subject has on-line instructions which will guide you on how to complete the on-line PoE.

Start working through your PoE right away – use it to guide your learning. It has been designed to help you build on your knowledge and if used correctly, will give you a solid foundation and prepare you well for you final exam.

From April 2020, the digital PoE's will be a bit different from the previous digital PoE's in that:

  • There is no Admin Guide. All declarations and information is integrated into the digital PoE.
  • There will be NO uploads.  (Only exception is RTAP and RPL)
  • The assignments will be a downloadable PDF, which is done off-line and handed in on exam day.
  • The tests will be done on-line and marked automatically.  These will  be timed, and only one attempt is allowed. These can  be done at anytime before the exam.
  • All digital portfolios must be completed before 09:00 on the day of the exam.
  • If you have postponed for absent on the day of the exam, you will need to re-do the full on-line PoE.

For all types of PoE's, here is a guide of how your final marks will be made up:

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